More Cowbell: A Conversation With ‘Grimsi’ of SÓLSTAFIR

More Cowbell: A Conversation With ‘Grimsi’ of SÓLSTAFIR

Wed, November 04, 2020

It is beyond doubt that Icelandic Post-Metal/Rock outfit SÓLSTAFIR are different. Since their inception some 25 years ago (yes, that long!), they have forged their own identity. With a steadfast refusal to play by any sort of conventional heavy music rule book, they continue to astound all with their ability to not only capture a certain emotional intensity in their work, but also their willingness to explore new territory. In a scene that is saturated with predictable name-your-genre output, SÓLSTAFIR remain as a truly unique outlier among the throng. Their M.O is deep. The more you listen, the more layers you discover. The Post-Rock/Metal tag hardly scratches the surface, really.

To help you understand just a little more about what make this band tick, we have been lucky enough to grab some time with drummer Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson“Grimsi” to talk about their upcoming seventh album Endless Twilight of Codependent Love, released on Season of Mist, November 6th. So without further adieu…Ding….Ding!

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