Metal Hammer Interview, May 2016

Metal Hammer Interview, May 2016

Fri, May 13, 2016

Metal Hammer: Often, when rock and metal bands play with known orchestras, it can come across as a bit pretentious, like they’re tying to claim some kind of cultural kudos. You’ve gone more for people with a metal background.

Addi: “Yeah I guess they’re all into metal and rock’n’roll as well. I’m pretty sure none of them just wake up and put Tchaikovsky on! We’re not really going classical, because it’s not like we had to write a score around our songs, this is the way they were recorded originally. It’s not like Metallica did, have some guy write a symphony on top ofBattery. We wrote the songs like this, so this is more like the songs dressed up in proper clothes. It’s more genuine. We would always do this if we could afford it.”

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