Addi Interviewed By Metal Hammer UK

Addi Interviewed By Metal Hammer UK

Mon, November 09, 2015

On the UK leg of the now completed European Tour, Addi spoke to Metal Hammer’s Dayal Patterson.

“I’ve been a thirteen year old metalhead: I remember when [Darkthrone’s second album] A Blaze In The Northern Sky didn’t sound like [their debut] Soulside Journey and I felt betrayed by my favourite band. I hated Nick Holmes when Shades Of God came out ‘cause I loved [previous album] Gothic, so I can relate if someone doesn’t like the music any more. But I love those albums now. I think things have changed a bit today; you can like more diverse music. Twenty years ago you basically weren’t allowed to listen to any other music than black metal if you came from that world. We still have our metal fans but also more, I would say, ‘ordinary’ music fans. If you live in a heavy metal world it can be a bit limited. How often do you only want to play Bloodstock, Summer Breeze, Party San? You know, we’ve done that, but we don’t want to be limited and chained down to something.”

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